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Exceptional Qualities in Wedding Singers

To get that ‘wow-factor’ feeling which is just what you want to mark your special day it’s best to look out for exceptional qualities in wedding singers. These can be noticed through the About The Act section of profiles, and through the video footage provided.


About The Act Section

A band with a meaty biography shows that they’ve been around the block once or twice, and the more experience an act has the more likely the will be planned and prepped for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, making the wedding entertainment on your special day ever so slick and smooth. As much as no one likes a braggy person or band, name drops in their bio section are important. Big names don’t just work with anyone – they’re incredibly selective because they’ve earned it. So if you’ve got bands or wedding singers that can say they’ve worked with famous artists, have worked in the West End or have been on TV, these are great markers for musicians and wedding singers with stellar credentials.


Video Footage Section

To find wedding singers that really hit the mark, look out for strong, full, wide-ranging vocals. They’ll often be the ones that pick big songs like Whitney Houston’s ‘(I Wanna) Dance With Somebody’ or Florence + The Machine’s ‘You’ve Got The Love’. They’ll be able to sing low songs as well as high ones. And they’ll still be able to control their vocal abilities while moving around the stage. If you listen to the recordings and you get goosebumps – that’s a very good indicator that you’ve found someone with wow-factor! Killer vocals with a dash of stage presence and dancing, together with a serious helping of an on-point band will have your guests jaws on the floor and reminiscing for years to come.


Hacks For Your Wedding Entertainment

To get you up to speed and add an extra bit of savvy to your wedding booking experience we’ve detailed below some important factors to consider when you’re looking for wedding singers with ‘wow-factor’.


Important Factors To Consider When Booking Wedding Singers

Like all of us, wedding singers have their limitations but are very much work-around-able. Usually, vocalists can sing for up to 3 hours a day if well-spaced throughout the day. For example, a soft ceremony and afternoon performance earlier on, followed by the evening performance later on after the vocalist has had time to rest their voice would be ideal. If you’re looking for a band to perform for more than two hours in the evening, it’s recommended that you hire a band with two wedding singers. This will mean they can share the vocal load between them and will make sure every song is powerful and full of energy and performance. Another clever hack is if you read in their bio section that they were previously a singer on cruises, they most likely have greater stamina than your average singer, and on cruises, bands are often contracted to perform 4 x 45 mins per day –  though again, bearing in mind a lot of bands have two vocalists in the team to accommodate singing for that duration day on day for 6 months, which is often how long cruise contacts are.


Top-Notch Wedding Singers & Wedding Entertainment

Here at That Amazing Wedding, we pride ourselves in ensuring all acts listed with us are guaranteed to give you fantastic wedding entertainment for your special day. There is no fee for acts to join us here at That Amazing Wedding, which means acts can’t simply pay to be featured on the site. Instead, wedding singers, wedding bands, and other artists are vetted, reviewed, and are awarded placement on the platform based upon their professionalism, experience, references, and talent.


Browsing Wedding Singers & Wedding Entertainment Options

Finding an act that fits the bill can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you. You already know that acts make it onto this site because they are super fabulous, so you’re half-way there. We have a handy-dandy filter for you to be able to check the categories of acts that tickle your fancy the most. If you’ve got a mouse you can hover over acts to see the highlights each act provides before you click through to their profiles. For a more in-depth look, click through to an act and you’ll be able to check out their videos, pictures, biography, as well as their base prices and what is included in a standard booking with them. For the most accurate results, we recommend you pop in your wedding date and venue postcode which will filter all the acts that are available for your wedding date and also give you an approximate costing for travel to your venue.


That Amazing Wedding’s Collection of Powerhouse Wedding Singers

Speaking of making things as easy as possible for you, find below a list of wedding singers listed with us that have incredible powerhouse vocals that will not only have your dance floor jumping but will also give you that epic first dance and have your guests shouting ‘one more tune’ at the end of the night.

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  • From: £1249 + 51p per mile
    The Affections
    - Pop, funk & soul band based in London
    - 4-piece band
    - Lead female singer, guitar, bass & drums
    - 600 popular party anthems to choose from
    - Seasoned pros
  • The-Hussle-wedding-entertainment-featured-image
    From: £1375 + 90p Per Mile
    The Hussle
    - Rock, pop, soul & Motown act based in Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire
    - 5-piece party band
    - 2 x lead female singers, guitar, bass, drums & backing tracks
    - 70 songs in their repertoire
    - Expect style, glitz, confidence & killer delivery
  • From: £1382 + 34p per mile
    Velvet Diamond
    - Party act based in London
    - 4-piece band
    - Lead female singer, bass, guitar, drums
    - Repertoire of 300 pop, funk, soul, disco, rock, jazz & RnB hits
    - Outstanding reviews from clients
  • The Mavericks - live band
    From: £1439 + 50p Per Mile
    The Mavericks
    - Party act based in London
    - 4-piece band and acoustic duo
    - 1 female singer, bass, guitar, drums & backing vocals
    - Over 100 songs in their repertoire
    - Warm, friendly & polished act with exceptional tone
  • The Horizons - wedding bands Cheshire
    From: £1491 + 85p per mile
    The Horizons
    - Pop, rock & soul act based in London
    - 6-piece band
    - Lead male and female singers, guitar, bass, drums & keys
    - 250 song repertoire of pop, rock, soul & swing
    - Featuring The Voice & X-Factor star, Sean
  • Soul Funk Enigma - wedding entertainment
    From: £1500 + 85p Per Mile
    Soul Funk Enigma
    - Soul-funk band based in London
    - 5 to 8-piece band
    - Female singer, guitar, bass, drums, keys
    - Over 65 nu-soul, rock, funk, disco, Latin and jazz hits to pick from
    - Tail-feather shaking guaranteed
  • The Macs - live band
    From: £1500 + £1 Per Mile
    The Macs
    - Pop & rock act based in Bedfordshire
    - 4-piece band
    - Lead male vocal, guitar, bass, drums & backing vocals
    - 70 songs in their repertoire
    - Spot-on setlists & performances where energy pours into the crowd
  • From: £1625 + 60p Per Mile
    Catz and the Troubadours
    - Party band based in Surrey
    - 5 to 8-piece band
    - Female singer, male singer, guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, saxophone
    - 70 pop, Motown, disco, 90s dance & 00s RnB to pick from
    - Featuring The X-Factor vocalist, Catz
  • BangBangBang - Wedding Bands Kent
    From: £1675 + 90p Per Mile
    - High energy party act based in London
    - 4 to 6-piece pop, rock, old-school & disco band
    - Lead female vocal, lead male vocal/guitar, bass & drums
    - Well over 40 crowdpleasers in their repertoire
    - Performances that hit the mark every time!
  • Soul In The City - wedding singers
    From: £2000 + 40p Per Mile
    Soul In The City
    - Soul & funk act based in London
    - 5 to 9-piece band
    - Lead female singer, guitar, bass, keys & drums
    - 140 soul, funk, disco, pop & lounge songs to pick from
    - "Energetic, entertaining and unforgettable"
  • Soul Allegiance - wedding music ideas
    From: £2011 + 85p per mile
    Soul Allegiance
    - Pop, RnB & Motown band based in London
    - 6-piece band
    - 2 x lead female singers, keys, guitar, bass, drums
    - 1,100 popular party anthems to pick from
    - Featuring West-End singer from The Magic of Motown
  • The Ramseys - wedding music bands
    From: £2188 + 72p Per Mile
    The Ramseys
    - RnB, pop & soul band based in London
    - 6 to 8-piece band
    - Male & female lead vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums
    - 70 pop, RnB & soul hits to pick from
    - Pro DJ in the band
  • Soul Sensation - wedding singers
    From: £2413 + £1.19 per mile
    Soul Sensation
    - Pop, funk, soul & Motown band based in London
    - 10-piece band
    - 3 x female singers, bass, guitar, keys, drums, saxophone, trumpet & trombone
    - Over 600 popular party anthems across genres and decades to pick from
    - Packed dance floor guaranteed
  • The Supreme Collective wedding bands London
    From: £2487 + £1.19 per mile
    The Supreme Collective
    - Pop, funk, soul, Motown big band based in London
    - 8 to 10-piece
    - 3 x lead female singers, bass, guitar, keys, drums, saxophone, trombone & trumpet
    - 600 song repertoire spanning many genres
    - Exceptional musicianship
  • Soul Glitterati 2 - wedding band for hire
    From: £3063 + £1.26 Per Mile
    Soul Glitterati
    - Funk, soul & disco band based in London
    - 7 to 10-piece band
    - Male singer, female singer, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone
    - Fluid setlists to appease who is on the dance floor
    - Luscious harmonies, slamming choreography & maximum dance floor impact
  • From: £3125 + £1.19 Per Mile
    Holy Mojo
    - Soul, funk, disco & Motown band based in Hertfordshire
    - 4 to 6-piece band
    - Male singer, female singer, bass, guitar, keys, drums
    - 80 soul, funk, disco & Motown party anthems in their repertoire
    - A band that performs like a DJ with non-stop medleys
  • Brand New Vibes - wedding entertainment ideas
    From: £3375 + 40p Per Mile
    Brand New Vibes
    - Pop, soul & Motown band based in East Sussex
    - 6 to 11-piece band
    - 3 x singers, guitar, drums, bass, 3 x horns
    - Over 150 popular party anthems across genres and decades to pick from
    - High-end vocalists and musicians
  • From: £4375 + 50p Per Mile
    Double Helix
    - Pop, soul & Motown band based in London
    - 6 to 12-piece band
    - 2 x female singers, 1 x male singer, sax, drums & keys
    - Over 60 popular party anthems to pick from
    - High-end vocalists and musicians

You don’t need to break the bank to get top quality live music for your wedding party. All of these acts listed below put on an awesome show for under £1000.

Many of these acts are booked for high-end venues with VIP clientele. For example, First Avenue is year-on-year by The Ritz in Abu Dhabi for New Years Eve. Magnolia Sky opened for baseball legends the New York Yankees and Boston Redsox.

A lot of these acts have incredibly accomplished musicians in their bands too, for example, the drummer in The Flares is from The Libertines spin-off The Jackals; the bassist in The Hot Shots has recorded and performed with Emeli Sande; and Elite Street‘s lead vocalist was a Las Vegas showgirl!

If you love a pop-rock-punk vibe, The Riot Dogs is for you. The lead vocalist in this group has powerful soaring vocals that really suits songs like ‘All The Small Things’ and ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, as well as all the pop, funk, and soul crowd-pleasers that wedding audiences love to hear.

The Hot Shots is a firm favourite with wedding couples who love their indie rock and love to get value for money. This band is a popular choice and have hundreds of weddings under their belts, and gushing reviews from clients across the board.

Magnolia Sky is where it’s at if you love a folk-vibe. Think George Ezra and Simon And Garfunkel, and of course plenty of pop, and rock to boot.

Truly, you can’t go wrong with any of these acts. They will deliver you a full sound which will fill up your venue, and they’ll get people grooving which will fill up your dance floor.

Breeze Duo - wedding entertainment

You don’t need to fork out thousands of pounds to get live music at your wedding. It is possible to hire a smaller outfit that can add a significant amount of atmosphere and lively energy to your evening.

Many smaller acts lean toward the lounge and jazz end of things, but there are still soloists, duos, trios and quartets that perform party music that appeals to all the generations and still fits within the ‘under £900’ bracket.

Breeze Duo and Jewels & Paradise knock it out of the park when it comes to getting people dancing using just their two voices, and an acoustic guitar. Of course, they both have tricks up their sleeves to make that happen, but they are well-versed tricks they know work time and again.

If you’re looking for some classy live music that is both unique and beautiful, Gypsy Reverie is a superb option. They’ll be a great conversation starter and really get the senses tingling and the hips swaying.

If you are hoping for a party band to put that dance floor to good use then The Party Machine can do what you’re after with the use of backing tracks to give that full-band, high-impact feel.

DJ Ewan is always a reliable party generator option if you like the idea of an unlimited repertoire, with sets where your guests can request songs on the spot through the night. He’s used to packing out dance floors up and down the country and tailors the songs he mixes depending on each specific audience and their tastes.

To get a precise quote for your wedding day click the little ‘Update Address’ bar on the right-hand side of the screen, and type in your venue’s postcode. That will update all the prices for the acts below so you can see the total cost of each act to come and perform at your venue for your wedding.

bride on stage w najwa cropped - wedding band for hire

Booking a band can be an overwhelming thing to do. Wedding bands can cost anywhere between £300 to several thousands of pounds. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes with lots of different sounds. It’s difficult to know where to start! Ideally you want a band that ticks all the boxes, that means having experienced professional musicians, a setlist that appeases all generations, the opportunity to collaborate on the setlist, making sure they will learn your first dance, and outstanding reviews flooding in from past clients. That is quite a lot to check for each act that you want to consider. Here at That Amazing Wedding we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected the top wedding bands for hire and put them in a handy dandy little list for you below to make sure you’re making the most of your hard earned cash. 

I’m on a budget, what have you got?

Duos and trios where at least one of the instrumentalists sings is the best way to spend your wedding entertainment budget and get your biggest bang-for-buck. Here’s some fantastic acts that tick all of those aforementioned boxes. Remember – you can save some money if you book an act that is closer to your venue as it saves on travel costs too. 


I’ve got a modest budget, what can you do for me?

A four-piece to a six-piece band will most likely suit you. In some four-pieces the vocalist plays an instrument too, which means your  money will stretch to a bigger sound. On the flip side, if you go for an act where the lead vocalist(s) don’t play another instrument, it means they are freed up to do lots of audience interaction. With these sorts of acts you can expect the vocalists to walk into the crowds (if they’re on wireless mics) as well as get your friends and family to join them on stage and sing along with them. These are absolutely priceless moments you will be able to cherish forever. 


Money is not an object, I want the best of the best, show me what you got!

If you want a band that will leave everyones jaws on the floor and have everyone aching the next day from how much dancing they were doing all night long at your wedding, then a larger or even a big band will give you the impact your after. Bearing in mind you’ll need the space to have the band set up, so if you’ve got a very roomy barn, a spacious ballroom, or an actual music hall you’ve got the right utensils for your dance floor extravaganza recipe. Saying that, 10-piece bands can fit into places you wouldn’t have thought possible, like private clubs rooms and modest-sized barns. It’s always best to check with the band direct as each band has different requirements and can adjust what equipment they bring if they know they’re going to be working with a smaller space.


wedding music ideas saxophone on pontoon

What Musical Acts Should I Hire For My Wedding?

Here at That Amazing Wedding, we know each wedding is unique to the bride, groom and their friends and families. There is no one shape fits all, and that’s exactly how it should be. The more the unique, the better, we think! However if you’re interested in having a little guidance on what kind of musical entertainment you should be considering for your wedding day, we’ve given a little outline of what to hire below.


Hire an act for your ceremony

Ceremony music is when it all kicks off. Your guests have been arriving, gathering and have caught a glimpse of the groom, and they’re incredibly excited to see the bride walk ever so elegantly down the aisle. As you might have guessed, the walk down the aisle doesn’t take long, but if you have a large wedding party it may take longer than you had anticipated! Furthermore many couples choose to have hymns, music during the signing, and also music at exit. For these beautiful moments a string duo, trio or quartet, a choir, a solo vocalist-guitarist, or an acoustic band all enhance these precious moment and really start the day on a beautiful note (no pun intended :). If you’ve got traditional roots, you might consider a bagpiper, or violinist performing a favourite Asian love song.


Hire background music for your afternoon drinks reception

Everyone is in your afternoon drinks reception area, more often than not, outside, while photos happen and light canapés make their way around. Brilliant live music for your afternoon drinks reception is something that is quite background, not too over-powering, but really sets the tone well and represents the couple as much as possible. If you’re quite a rocky couple, you might want to go for a rocky acoustic vocalist-guitarist, or if you’re more into pop music, then a contemporary duo might suit. If you’re of a more refined nature, then a harpist or saxophonist might set the scene better. It’s especially important to remember the acoustics of your performance area. For example, a 4-piece acoustic band playing soulful love songs might be a good option for the larger venues especially if your act is playing in a very open area where the sound will disperse very easily, and therefore won’t sound as loud as being indoors. So in this respect, if you’re having an outdoor drinks reception, don’t be afraid to go bigger. Similarly, if you’re having a winter wedding and your afternoon drinks reception is indoors a smaller act might be more suitable because you’ll want your guests to be able to hear each other with the music still being a background element to your fabulous day.


Hire live music for your wedding breakfast

Ah delicious, you’ve made it to the wedding breakfast. Perfect opportunity for you to chat to your loved ones, and for your friends to natter away with each other. To stop it sounding like a cafeteria, some romantic background music will do the trick. You could ask your harpist or string trio to hang around for the meal, or you could ask a pianist to join you for the wedding breakfast. Some couples even choose to have the evening band perform one of their sets during this time, again, as a background element, but it is nice for your wedding guests to get to meet the band before the evening reception in a more laid back atmosphere. Often many evening bands have jazz, swing, and lounge songs in their repertoire, and can therefore be very versatile throughout the day.


Hire a band for your evening wedding party

Well, well, you’ve made it to the final event of the day. It’s time to celebrate – I hope you’ve got some dancing shoes to hand! A wedding celebration wouldn’t be complete without some dancing. You can achieve this with a duo or trio. Some duos are incredibly dynamic and can get the room jumping with the use of two voices, a couple of instruments and a few tricks up their sleeves. Those tricks might come in the form of backing tracks, loop pedals, excellent lighting, and exceptional audience interaction skills. At this point in the night, most couples have opted for anything between a trio and a 10-piece party band. Indie-rock and pop bands are super popular among all generations, especially here in the UK, and likewise pop, funk, soul & Motown acts always go down a storm. Whichever evening band you decide to pick on That Amazing Wedding, be prepared to be dancing All Night Long.