Recommended Acts for Under £900

Breeze Duo - wedding entertainment

You don’t need to fork out thousands of pounds to get live music at your wedding. It is possible to hire a smaller outfit that can add a significant amount of atmosphere and lively energy to your evening.

Many smaller acts lean toward the lounge and jazz end of things, but there are still soloists, duos, trios and quartets that perform party music that appeals to all the generations and still fits within the ‘under £900’ bracket.

Breeze Duo and Jewels & Paradise knock it out of the park when it comes to getting people dancing using just their two voices, and an acoustic guitar. Of course, they both have tricks up their sleeves to make that happen, but they are well-versed tricks they know work time and again.

If you’re looking for some classy live music that is both unique and beautiful, Gypsy Reverie is a superb option. They’ll be a great conversation starter and really get the senses tingling and the hips swaying.

If you are hoping for a party band to put that dance floor to good use then The Party Machine can do what you’re after with the use of backing tracks to give that full-band, high-impact feel.

DJ Ewan is always a reliable party generator option if you like the idea of an unlimited repertoire, with sets where your guests can request songs on the spot through the night. He’s used to packing out dance floors up and down the country and tailors the songs he mixes depending on each specific audience and their tastes.

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