The Best Wedding Bands For Hire

bride on stage w najwa cropped - wedding band for hire

Booking a band can be an overwhelming thing to do. Wedding bands can cost anywhere between £300 to several thousands of pounds. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes with lots of different sounds. It’s difficult to know where to start! Ideally you want a band that ticks all the boxes, that means having experienced professional musicians, a setlist that appeases all generations, the opportunity to collaborate on the setlist, making sure they will learn your first dance, and outstanding reviews flooding in from past clients. That is quite a lot to check for each act that you want to consider. Here at That Amazing Wedding we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected the top wedding bands for hire and put them in a handy dandy little list for you below to make sure you’re making the most of your hard earned cash. 

I’m on a budget, what have you got?

Duos and trios where at least one of the instrumentalists sings is the best way to spend your wedding entertainment budget and get your biggest bang-for-buck. Here’s some fantastic acts that tick all of those aforementioned boxes. Remember – you can save some money if you book an act that is closer to your venue as it saves on travel costs too. 


I’ve got a modest budget, what can you do for me?

A four-piece to a six-piece band will most likely suit you. In some four-pieces the vocalist plays an instrument too, which means your  money will stretch to a bigger sound. On the flip side, if you go for an act where the lead vocalist(s) don’t play another instrument, it means they are freed up to do lots of audience interaction. With these sorts of acts you can expect the vocalists to walk into the crowds (if they’re on wireless mics) as well as get your friends and family to join them on stage and sing along with them. These are absolutely priceless moments you will be able to cherish forever. 


Money is not an object, I want the best of the best, show me what you got!

If you want a band that will leave everyones jaws on the floor and have everyone aching the next day from how much dancing they were doing all night long at your wedding, then a larger or even a big band will give you the impact your after. Bearing in mind you’ll need the space to have the band set up, so if you’ve got a very roomy barn, a spacious ballroom, or an actual music hall you’ve got the right utensils for your dance floor extravaganza recipe. Saying that, 10-piece bands can fit into places you wouldn’t have thought possible, like private clubs rooms and modest-sized barns. It’s always best to check with the band direct as each band has different requirements and can adjust what equipment they bring if they know they’re going to be working with a smaller space.