Wedding Music Ideas

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What Musical Acts Should I Hire For My Wedding?

Here at That Amazing Wedding, we know each wedding is unique to the bride, groom and their friends and families. There is no one shape fits all, and that’s exactly how it should be. The more the unique, the better, we think! However if you’re interested in having a little guidance on what kind of musical entertainment you should be considering for your wedding day, we’ve given a little outline of what to hire below.


Hire an act for your ceremony

Ceremony music is when it all kicks off. Your guests have been arriving, gathering and have caught a glimpse of the groom, and they’re incredibly excited to see the bride walk ever so elegantly down the aisle. As you might have guessed, the walk down the aisle doesn’t take long, but if you have a large wedding party it may take longer than you had anticipated! Furthermore many couples choose to have hymns, music during the signing, and also music at exit. For these beautiful moments a string duo, trio or quartet, a choir, a solo vocalist-guitarist, or an acoustic band all enhance these precious moment and really start the day on a beautiful note (no pun intended :). If you’ve got traditional roots, you might consider a bagpiper, or violinist performing a favourite Asian love song.


Hire background music for your afternoon drinks reception

Everyone is in your afternoon drinks reception area, more often than not, outside, while photos happen and light canapés make their way around. Brilliant live music for your afternoon drinks reception is something that is quite background, not too over-powering, but really sets the tone well and represents the couple as much as possible. If you’re quite a rocky couple, you might want to go for a rocky acoustic vocalist-guitarist, or if you’re more into pop music, then a contemporary duo might suit. If you’re of a more refined nature, then a harpist or saxophonist might set the scene better. It’s especially important to remember the acoustics of your performance area. For example, a 4-piece acoustic band playing soulful love songs might be a good option for the larger venues especially if your act is playing in a very open area where the sound will disperse very easily, and therefore won’t sound as loud as being indoors. So in this respect, if you’re having an outdoor drinks reception, don’t be afraid to go bigger. Similarly, if you’re having a winter wedding and your afternoon drinks reception is indoors a smaller act might be more suitable because you’ll want your guests to be able to hear each other with the music still being a background element to your fabulous day.


Hire live music for your wedding breakfast

Ah delicious, you’ve made it to the wedding breakfast. Perfect opportunity for you to chat to your loved ones, and for your friends to natter away with each other. To stop it sounding like a cafeteria, some romantic background music will do the trick. You could ask your harpist or string trio to hang around for the meal, or you could ask a pianist to join you for the wedding breakfast. Some couples even choose to have the evening band perform one of their sets during this time, again, as a background element, but it is nice for your wedding guests to get to meet the band before the evening reception in a more laid back atmosphere. Often many evening bands have jazz, swing, and lounge songs in their repertoire, and can therefore be very versatile throughout the day.


Hire a band for your evening wedding party

Well, well, you’ve made it to the final event of the day. It’s time to celebrate – I hope you’ve got some dancing shoes to hand! A wedding celebration wouldn’t be complete without some dancing. You can achieve this with a duo or trio. Some duos are incredibly dynamic and can get the room jumping with the use of two voices, a couple of instruments and a few tricks up their sleeves. Those tricks might come in the form of backing tracks, loop pedals, excellent lighting, and exceptional audience interaction skills. At this point in the night, most couples have opted for anything between a trio and a 10-piece party band. Indie-rock and pop bands are super popular among all generations, especially here in the UK, and likewise pop, funk, soul & Motown acts always go down a storm. Whichever evening band you decide to pick on That Amazing Wedding, be prepared to be dancing All Night Long.